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Upcoming Florida Real Estate Classes

Starts on Mon Jul 22nd
Location: Stuart
This Class is the first step to obtain your Florida Sales Associate real estate license. This 7 day comprehensive class covers all the information needed to successfully pass the state licensing exam.
Starts on Mon Aug 12th
Location: MCRTC
This course is the second step in completing your Florida Sales Associate license. This fun interactive class shows you how to sell real estate, work with buyers and sellers, a comprehensive overview of financing, valuating real estate and investment property. This class is state mandatory and is designed to be taken as soon as your are licensed.
Starts on Mon Oct 07th
Location: Martin County Realtors of the Treasure Coast
Looking to become a Florida Real Estate broker ? Licensed and active for at least 24 months ? Then you Qualify to take the next step. The brokers pre licensing class is a state mandatory 72 hour class covering topics on opening your own real estate office , recruiting and managing agents, listing and selling property, financing, valuating and settling property transactions and analyzing investment real estate. This comprehensive course will prepare you for success on your state exam.